Expected obtained


The results obtained in the execution of LIFE OLEA REGENERA lead us to the conclusion of the benefits that this project will bring both to the environment and to the sectors involved. The results achieved are:


  • Creation of a new process by means of physical methods by which the oil mills will be able to take advantage of the residue they generate to obtain new products.
    The new alperujo separation process allows a 100% of the transformation of the waste into valuable byproducts, closing the cycle.

  • Disappearance of the problem of alperujo in the oil mills due to the fact that the residue will be reused in its totality.
    Since the start of the project, 12.495 tons of alperujo have already been transformed into byproducts, preventing them from been dried and processed in an orujeras, which is a 250% more than what was foreseen in the proposal

  • Obtaining two new by-products from the olive pomace, one liquid and the other solid, which will be used as raw material for other products.
    3.123 tons of S1+S2 have been produced to be tested as animal feed, which is a 253% more than what was foreseen in the proposal.
    875 tons of L3 (before concentration) have been produced, a 199% more than foreseen, from which 4 tones have been transformed into biostimulants and 6 have been used as animal feed

  • Reduction of the amount of waste generated, which translates into a reduction of the energy consumed in the transport of the alperujo from the oil mills to the pomace mills and of the emissions emitted into the atmosphere.
    The reduction of PM is a 39% and the reduction of CO, NOx and SOx is more than 99%, compared to the emissions of a conventional olive pomace refinery with trommel and flue gas filtration.

  • Obtaining 6 new ecological and zero waste products used as biostimulants and bioprotectors for different types of crops. The validation of these products has shown us that they really have biostimulant and protective properties that provide antioxidants to crops.

  • Obtaining a new functional food for pigs with a high amount of monounsaturated fatty acids and nutrients obtained from olives. With the validation of these products, it is expected to observe healthier animals with higher growth; and a higher level of antioxidants in the meat and the products obtained from them.

  • Fruits with a greater commercial durability in post-harvest and with a higher content of bioactive compounds with a high added value.

  • Obtaining oils with a higher level of polyphenols.

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